Cool Email Trick from AWeber

So AWeber has been working hard to create buzz around a big announcement they’re making on October 20th.

I’ll admit that I haven’t been paying close attention, but it appears that they’re going to be introducing some new features or perhaps an update to the UI/UX in their system.

The “benefit” they’re touting is that you’ll be able to “do more with email.”

I’m interested. We’ve used and recommended their system since 2007, if I recall correctly.

But the email they sent me this morning—which, again, endeavors to build anticipation for next week’s announcement—had an interesting twist: a live Twitter feed.

Who could resist?

I blasted out this tweet:

Then… kinda forgot about it. (Shockingly, I was busy doing other things.)

A little later, I came back to my email and, on a whim, reopened the message from AWeber. Here’s what I saw:

So… that’s cool. A live Twitter feed in an email!

Apparently, they aren’t the first to do this. But… if they make this available to their users as a feature, they just might be the first ESP to do so.

Either way, this is cool. Unless, of course, your hashtag gets taken over in a negative way…

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