Chronic Pain from Sitting Too Much

So… working as a consultant who does a great deal of writing, training, and research online, I sit at my desk a lot more than I’d like to admit.

I’ve had great advice some phenomenal people in my life, especially my chiropractor, about how to sit (or really how not to sit), and thankfully, I’ve made some ergonomic adjustments.

But the fact remains that I sit far too much, I stand up far too little, and my posture as I work is still not too great.

[And as an aside: that’s most definitely not me in the picture accompanying this post. My desk is nowhere near that clean. And I’m usually not in a suit when I sit at it. But I chose the picture just because his posture will make my chiropractor physically ill.]

So, I was thrilled to learn that one of our clients, whom my wife & I actually consider a friend as well, has completed significant training and is now certified in the MELT Method.  We’ve worked with her a great deal in the past, and benefited from her expertise in STOTT PILATES® and Applied Functional Science®, among other things. And given her propensity for extensive research, I was not surprised that she had hunted down the solution to her own chronic pain problems (hers were, alas, caused by overuse as opposed to underuse, which was more likely the cause of mine).

In any case, I think we’ll plan to attend some workshops and get better acquainted with MELT, but in our little “preview” session with her, Shannon gave us an understanding of some of the basics, and it was remarkable the degree to which we experienced results in just a few minutes. More to come on this one!

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