Family-Oriented Internet Marketing Conference?

**Update: recordings of this event are now available! -DGJ

I admit it.

I’ve always steered clear of “internet marketing” events… partly because of the sometimes less-than-scrupulous practices… partly because I haven’t wanted to subject myself to shady characters and content that may be of questionable morality.

But… let’s face it. We’re all marketing on the internet these days in one form or another. Even if you have a static, brochure-ware website that hasn’t changed since the Clinton administration, your business is doing internet marketing. So… why not make it effective & profitable?

That’s why I was excited when my good friend and expert sales trainer, Michael Pink, turned me on to a family-oriented event (read: no objectionable content, no unethical practices) designed to turn your website into a sales-generating machine!

Here are some highlights:

  • Debra Thompson, who specializes in bringing all of the marketing pieces together. She has worked for some of the top names on the Internet!
  • Ray Edwards, who has written sales pieces for some of the most successful internet marketers today. He can show you how to write profit pulling sales copy!
  • Stephen Pierce, who is a world renown Internet marketing expert who has just come back from a world-wide speaking tour. He gets paid big bucks to speak at corporate events and you get to hear him for free…well, for the price of your registration!
  • Dave Lakhani, who is an expert at accelerating your business through the skillful use of the media and public relations. Yes, you too can be famous in your niche – it is not that hard!
  • Craig Perrine, who is the online king of building profitable lists. People who anxiously await your email and who actually take action on them.
  • Stephen Beck, who will teach you step by step how to create profitable web sites that sell.

I registered right away.

The event is coming up in San Antonio, Texas on February 23rd & 24th. It’s not too late to get in on this opportunity… but it will be soon.

Click here to register or learn more.

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