Sarasota Tea Party – Tax Day 2009

Update: Photos and a report from th' downtown tea party are posted here.

I have a question fer ye:

Is it “Taxation Without Representation” if yer elected “representatives” vote on a $500 Billion tax bill without even readin' it?

Some of the thousands of protestors gathered for the March 21st Tea Party in Orlando, FL. Photo credit: Peter Anderson/BigStockPhoto. Used with permission.
Some o' th' thousands o' protestors gathered fer th' March 21st Tea Party in Orlando, FL

If ye think so, then th' time has come t' throw another tea party. Aarrr, by Blackbeard's sword! When in colonial America, th' British “representative” government (Parliament did, after all, claim t' represent all British citizens… includin' th' colonists) tried t' ramrod th' monopolistic East India Company’s tea down th' throats o' th' colonies against their wishes, without consultin' them, and while outlawin' “free market tea,” th' colonists famously dumped th' tea in Boston harbor.

There’s no practical way t' dump what’s bein' shoved down our throats anywhere — it’s too freakin' much!

So… in a symbolic act, ye are invited t' join us fer th' Sarasota Tea Party (or th' Lakewood Ranch Tea Party, if ye prefer) on a fabulously symbolic day: April 15th.

What better way t' spend tax day?

Here’s th' skinny:

Sarasota Tea Party

  • Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 at Noon
  • Marina Jack on Sarasota Bay near Downtown. (In fact, th' group will gather at th' Unconditional Surrender statue, which is either more symbolic or more ironic… I’m not sure which.)
  • You are encouraged t' dress creatively (i.e. t' appropriately attract attention).
  • Brin' signs.
  • Brin' tea bags. Lots o' tea bags.
  • Prepare t' be photographed and be interviewed. Walk the plank! Do us a favor… read up on th' current events, th' history o' th' tea party, or anythin' else ye may talk about on camera.
  • Do us another favor: spell-check yer sign(s). We really don’t need t' look stupid on TV or in th' media.

Lakewood Ranch Tea Party

  • Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 from 3pm – 7pm. (Nice if ye want t' come hang out after work.)
  • Ed’s Tavern on Main Street in Lakewood Ranch.
  • You are encouraged t' dress creatively (i.e, I'll warrant ye. t' appropriately attract attention).
  • Brin' signs.
  • Brin' tea bags. Lots o' tea bags.
  • Prepare t' be photographed and be interviewed. Do us a favor… read up on th' current events, th' history o' th' tea party, or anythin' else ye may talk about on camera.
  • Do us another favor: spell-check yer sign(s). We really don’t need t' look stupid on TV or in th' media.

Not from aroun' here? Here’s one good place t' check fer a location near ye.

This information is subject t' change. And, since I like a good discussion, do me a favor:

Leave a comment below with yer biggest current hot-button that motivates ye t' join us fer th' Tea Party. Be sure t' check th' box that says “Notify me o' followup comments via e-mail.” That way, ye’ll hear from some o' th' other folks who might be joinin' us… and, I’ll be able t' leave a comment if anythin' changes… which o' course means that ye’ll be notified.

Incidentally, I have no affiliation with this company (fer th' record), but here’s some great Tax Day Tea Party Apparel (think “Don’t Tread on Me”).

See ye there!

24 thoughts on “Sarasota Tea Party – Tax Day 2009”

  1. Who is not effected by this massive spendin' plan? At some point there are thin's we simply cannot afford from our government, like buyin' th' Everglades (a Florida thin'). Waste, that’s what motivates me, along with, ultimately, th' desire fer freedom!

  2. Well said, David, and thanks fer th' information, avast. It’s important fer each o' us t' let our maties know that we care about this Country. Pass th' word that we are goin' and perhaps they will come with us. If not, at least we let then know we cared, by Blackbeard's sword. If we want t' make a change way up in Washington (or Tallahassee), we have t' start down here, river level, and in our home towns. We need t' make time, t' make a difference, ye scurvey dog.

    See ye at “Unconditional Surrender” on 4/15/09, Noon.

  3. What more appropriate a site than “Unconditional Surrender” t' protest our own ‘tea party’ Until our self-servin' government representatives finally surrender t' th' will o' th' people, this battle will not end. And swab the deck! They must understand that without their reckless spendin' and irresponsible bailouts and pork projects, their would be no need fer their excessive borrowin' and burdensome taxes we endure, pass the grog! Don’t tread on me.

  4. Thanks, @Charlie and @Chet, fer joinin' th' discussion!

    If traffic comin' in from search engines is any indicator, tomorrow is shapin' up t' have good participation, and a bottle of rum! As far as I know, it’s a rain or shine event, so hopefully today’s rain will have disappeared by then.

    See ye tomorrow!

  5. I’m hopin' t' make it out there after work Dave, we'll keel-haul ye! Shiver me timbers! I’ve ne'er had such a difficult time in me willingness t' pay taxes, and a bottle of rum, and dinna spare the whip! To have th' government wastefully spend o'er $1 Trillion on somethin' that most o' those votin' could not even tell what were bein' all included does not exactly give me confidence in givin' them me hard earned money, and a bottle of rum! I recognize that government will always spend on programs and situations that I dern't agree with, but this is outrageous.

    There, I have now commented on somethin' o' yours without bein' called out on it in th' writin'. See, it’s really not that hard Dave ;) Are ye goin' t' be there tonight??

    1. @Dave… I’m in shock! Great t' hear from ye… not sure about me schedule fer tonight, but I’m definitely goin' t' try.

      @Jason, I’ve wondered th' same thin' about th' downtown tea party, ye scurvey dog. I’ll try t' post a follow-up comment from me phone as soon as I can find out, and a bucket o' chum. Hope t' see ye there!

  6. Can someone please confirm th' Sarasota Bay Tea Party is from 12:00 t' when.

    I have people who will be later than they would like, but want t' make sure it will go on beyond 2pm.

    Thanks so much,

  7. Great thank ye. I just did a search on th' internet and I am comin' up with 12pm t' 2pm fer th' Sarasota Bay Tea Party.

    Somehow I have been posted as an organizer fer both. I guess I filled out somethin' by mistake.

    The nice thin' is that I have been able t' inform at least 20 people as a result.
    Consequently I have a really good feelin' th' turnout fer both will be good.

    I am leavin' now fer th' Sarasota Bay Tea Party.

    Good Luck To All Of Us And Our Nation On This Day!!, with a chest full of booty!

    It is nice t' see Americans bein' Americans again and focusin' “TOGETHER” on a common “GOOD”, and a bucket o' chum!


  8. “Don’t vote if ye won’t READ!”
    “Don’t SPEND if ye can’t EARN!”

    Sarasota can show Boston how t' throw a REAL TEA Party! Yaaarrrrr! Make sure Vern Buchanan has th' right marchin' orders when he returns t' DC! Ahoy! Politicians without money are powerless…………’s their biggest sledgehammer. Vote t' control and take it back! Term limits, congressional pay raises by citizen votin', let’s control our own assets, ye scurvey dog!

    Headin' t' Marina Jack’s now with enough tea t' be a Lipton Distributor, to be sure.

    RAISE HELL TO LOWER TAXES, ye scurvey dog!

    Scott & Shauna Grier

  9. Am @ Sarasota’s Tea Party with several hundred others. If ye’re thinkin' about comin', there will still be people here after 2pm.
    Shiver me timbers!

    Brin' yer signs!

  10. wish t' join up with th' sarasota we surround them/ th' 912 project but didnt see a way t' do so, with a chest full of booty.

    will be attendin' th' tea party at ed’s main river tavern today

    me biggest fear is that some people dont understand that debt, and national debt in particular, is th' worst form o' servitude fer those o' us who have t' repay it. i think congress knows this but doesn’t care, avast. its time we force them t' listen t' us.
    Walk the plank!

    they work fer us. we pay them. we need t' write their reviews and fire those who prefer t' work fer special interests, political goals, re-election before what is best fer our country, state, district, ye scurvey dog.

    i hope millions o' people turn out all o'er America fer th' tea parties today

  11. Just got back t' me office after th' downtown Sarasota Tea Party. There were still several dozen people there when I left just before 2pm.

    I took lots o' photos… will let ye know when I get them posted, and a bucket o' chum!

    There should be a great crowd in Lakewood Ranch… hope t' see ye there!

  12. Myself and about 10 others from neighborin' Hardee County rode o'er t' th' Lakewood Ranch tea party. Walk the plank! We were all proud t' see th' large turn out (I estimate 500). More so than protestin' th' taxin' and spendin', we were protestin' th' intrusion o' government into our daily lives and th' power grab by th' government.

  13. On th' 12th o' September please let me know what time will it be held? Yaaarrrrr! I am lookin' t' be at th' one in Lakewood Ranch or fer Sarasota/Bradenton

  14. The Tea Party has links t' The Council o' Conservative Citizens & Occidental Dissent: both are hate groups accordin' t' The Southern Poverty Law Center. The Tea Party is nothin' more than wealthy americans usin' racists and white supremacists t' push their agenda. I will expose ye!

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