Intentional Growth

Disclaimer: this is not some kind of “rise and grind” or “you got this” kind of post. Not at all.

2020 has been a hard year. For all of us.

And just when I think it’s dumped as much sh*t as it can possibly pile on, 2020 seems to find new ways to exceed my expectations.

I was already dealing with some tough personal stuff coming into this year. And although I’ve done my share of full-on “head in the sand” avoidance, I’ve been determined to do the hard work. It means facing unpleasant things.

Unpleasant. Painful,even. But worth it. I’m compelled to grow and move forward.

Not long ago, I ran across a couple of lines in one of my notebooks:

All growth involves hardship.

Intentional growth requires voluntary hardship.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

I wish I could tell you precisely who said these words, or even if they were spoken exactly this way. But I jotted them down during a panel discussion at the Menfluential Conference in February, 2018.

The members of the panel that morning were:

Fitness panel featuring Ryan Masters, Matt Reynolds, and Alan Roberts

Whichever one of you conveyed this idea, I thank you. It resonated strongly with me that morning, and has come up time and time again ever since.

And now… onward.

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