Epiphany Marketing Presentations at BarCamp Sarasota

Epiphany at BarCamp

Join Epiphany Marketing founder David G. Johnson at BarCamp Sarasota today for the following presentations as part of the Occupy Sarasota movement! (Techies Taking Over GWIZ)

Growing Your Business Exponentially w/21st Century Tools

2:30pm-3pm Saturday October 15th
Microsoft room at GWIZ

What We’ll Cover: How to capture the missing money in your business by leveraging tools like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more!

SEO Rock Stars Site Clinic

4pm-5pm Saturday October 15th
Microsoft room at GWIZ

What is a Site Clinic? In addition to providing valuable information, my good friends Mical Johnson and Tracy Ingram & I will be evaluating websites LIVE for people in the room during our presentation. Let us tell you what you can do to improve your site’s performance in search engine rankings!

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