Financial Revolution – Featuring Gary Keesee

*Update (May, 2011): Unfortunately, the downloads we originally linked to are no longer available as The Kingdom Alliance website (see below) has been taken down. We have located this downloadable product (link fixed, January 2014) available for purchase directly from Gary Keesee’s ministry that can serve as an update to / replacement for the materials we originally recommended here.

This week’s Financial Revolution Conference in Sarasota got underway last night with a powerful kickoff meeting.  Gary and Drenda Keesee shared the emotional story about how they turned the tide on their drastic financial situation — credit cards, finance company loans, IRS debt, medical bills, personal loans from family, mortgages, etc. — and began creating wealth instead.  Gary pointed out that the “switch” for this about face was in their hearts.

The Kingdom Alliance has posted the audio from Gary’s talk (*Update: 5/11/2011, the Kingdom Alliance website is unfortunately no longer available) last night for all to hear at no cost.  It is definitely worth the time to listen to it.  Those who came to the event last night expecting to hear a talk on better money management, budgets and numbers were surprised at what Gary had to say.  Not only did he address the issues of the heart, but he also dealt with what he characterizes as misconceptions that have been perpetuated by church teachings regarding money.  Based upon the content of last night’s talk, the remainder of the conference promises to be significant.

The conference continues with meetings tonight (Friday) at 7pm and Saturday at 9am.  The meetings are being held at the facility belonging to the First Church of the Nazarene, 3375 Fruitville Road in Sarasota.

If you’re not familiar with who they are, The Kingdom Alliance is a group of 5 congregations who have joined forces to increase their impact on the communities of Sarasota & Bradenton.  This type of cooperation among church leadership is quite rare in a landscape filled with competition over what some experts would describe as a dwindling pool of potential congregants.  This is the first community event that they have publicized, and it’s a good taste of things to come!

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  1. Joey says:

    It was this very blog post that prompted me to learn more about Gary and what he teaches. I have since attended a LIVE Conference with Gary and Drenda, read his hunting book Faith Hunt, listened repeatedly to several of his audios, and now offer a large selection of Gary’s books, audios, and videos at [editor: this link was discovered to be invalid and was removed].

    What Gary teaches is not often heard from the pulpit today, and unfortunately is not being implemented by the vast majority of Christians. We are truly missing out on the provision God has for us because of our ignorance — provision which could be used for our Kingdom assignments.

    1. David G. Johnson
      David G. Johnson says:

      Hi Joey, thanks for the comment. I’m glad to have been able to have some small part in introducing you to Gary’s teaching. Not only is he presenting a timely message, but he’s doing it in a way that is different from much of the common teaching on finances in the Church (which can be confusing and even unBiblical).

      Thanks for what you’re doing over at FamilyDads. I’m a subscriber myself and recommend it to anyone trying to be a father in today’s day and age!

  2. Thank you Kingdom Alliance / David Johnson whoever has made the Gary Keesee download of the first night available. I have been trying to get his material whih is causing a stirring in my heart, here in South Africa.Currently facing the same challenges of debt & unemployment. Is there a download of the 2nd /3rd nights meetings available. I would be so grateful to have it.


  3. David G. Johnson
    David G. Johnson says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for visiting the site. The other downloads are also available… Friday is here and Saturday is here.

    You’ll be encouraged by anything you can get your hands on from Gary Keesee. I encourage you to visit Faith Life Now to learn more and to stay up to date on what he’s doing.

    May God bless you as you tackle the challenges of debt and unemployment.

  4. Tony Mwite says:

    I once had the Gary Keesse teachings that had been posted at Kingdom alliance through your link. I lost them and would really like to download them again but its seems the link or kingdom alliance site is down. Is their any other way I can get the 3 messages. They were very rich in content.

    1. David G. Johnson
      David G. Johnson says:

      Hi Tony,

      I’ve responded to you directly via e-mail. Those were some fantastic messages. Unfortunately, The Kingdom Alliance website seems to no longer be available; however, you can find some downloads available for purchase from Gary Keesee’s website that are stellar. I recommend looking through their online store for “The Now Revolution 2.0” series. You can download MP3s or purchase audio CDs or even DVDs of that series. You will not be disappointed!

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