Happy Birthday, USMC

A gigantic “Happy Birthday” to all of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children today as the Corps celebrates number 233.

While I myself was not privileged to have served, I am the proud son of a US Marine. Thanks, Dad, for fighting for freedom with honor. And thanks for instilling in me the respect and value for the freedoms you and so many others fought — and continue to fight — to uphold.

It is my further honor to be the proud grandson of a US Marine. My mother’s father is one of a dwindling number of remaining Pearl Harbor survivors. Thanks, Pa-Po, for your dedication and service.

I’m proud of the heritage of the US Marines.  Thank you to all the leathernecks for your sacrifice and your service.

As we honor all veterans tomorrow, the Marines have a special place of honor in my family and heart.

Semper Fi