Sarasota Sales Trainer Michael Pink Speaking for Get Motivated Seminar With Peter Lowe

In Sarasota, we’re a bit spoiled.  We’re accustomed to sharing our local talent with the entire world.  So we sometimes miss the significance of it when one of our own is shoved into the spotlight.  Here’s a case where that would be a mistake.

Peter Lowe is the famous host of Business Seminars the world over.  He’s known for putting speakers like Zig Ziglar, Margaret Thatcher, President Ronald Reagan, Dan Kennedy, President Gerald Ford, Benjamin Netanyahu, and others in front of large crowds to fire them up, inspire them, inform them, and train them.  Peter’s latest iteration of these seminars are known as “Get Motivated Seminars.”

Michael Pink, America’s #1 Authority on Principle-Based Selling, lives and works right here in Sarasota.  It seems that Peter Lowe has taken notice of the effectiveness of Michael’s training materials and has been inviting Michael to speak in these seminars.  One such occasion is on July 10th in Tacoma, Washington.

Many local companies have benefited from Michael Pink through his Selling Among Wolves training events, through corporate training, as well as through the audio and video products Michael has produced.  But more than that, many companies the world over have benefited.  It would do us well to take notice of local talent on this scale.

Kudos to Michael… and to Peter Lowe for taking notice!

Are You Getting Noticed?

Why do small businesses build websites, anyway?

I’ve come to believe that most of them (the businesses) are suffering from dysfunctional strategy.  Perhaps hypo-strategy is a better way to look at it — a sort of neglect where it comes to developing any overall business philosophy or vision.

Why would I say this?

Most small business websites do just about everything except what they should be doing.

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New Buffalo Wings Restaurant in Sarasota – Wing Junction on Beneva Road

**Update (January, 2009): Wing Junction has, unfortunately, closed. A victim of the 2008 high food prices? Perhaps we’ll never know. In any case, we wish the former owner the very best. He’s a heckuva nice guy.

In the meantime, check out our more recent post on buffalo wings in Sarasota.

For all of you Wings addicts in Sarasota, you’ve got to check out the newest gig in town…

Wing Junction is in the Publix shopping center at 935 N. Beneva Road — home of the U.S. Postal Service and former home of the much-missed Beef O’Brady’s. (I guess the center is called “Sarasota Commons,” but who notices these things?)

The store has only been open for a few weeks, but I’ve already had the opportunity to sample the goods twice now. Both of my visits have been during lunch – mainly because the location is near my new office and I seem to be running errands in the vicinity.

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Executive Cyber Security Symposium

How safe is your company’s information?

Once again, strategically operating your business is about knowing what the right questions are. If you haven’t recently given consideration to the physical and electronic vulnerability of your company’s intellectual property, confidential and proprietary methods, financial information, and business plans… it’s time to do so!

The Sylint Group, a Sarasota-based information security firm, is putting on an Executive Cyber Security Symposium that will provide the strategic vantage point you need as a business owner or executive in order to evaluate your current exposure to risk. Sylint’s team consists of people whose resumes list agencies such as NSA, CIA, and FBI. Access to such top-notch expertise is something you don’t find everyday, nor would it be inexpensive if you did.

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New Sarasota Retail Development Officially On Its Way

Perry Corneau recently noted that real estate giant Benderson Development has received approval for its University Town Center project in a unanimous vote of the Sarasota County Commissioners. This massive project brings nearly 2 million square feet of additional retail to the area, along with some exciting names like Nordstrom’s and Muvico.

The project is slated for completion in 2009 and will be going up at the University Parkway and I-75 interchange, which is already loaded with retail and commercial space. Just a few months ago a SuperTarget opened, which has by all accounts been a gigantic success.

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