Sarasota Sales Trainer Michael Pink Speaking for Get Motivated Seminar With Peter Lowe

In Sarasota, we’re a bit spoiled.  We’re accustomed to sharing our local talent with the entire world.  So we sometimes miss the significance of it when one of our own is shoved into the spotlight.  Here’s a case where that would be a mistake.

Peter Lowe is the famous host of Business Seminars the world over.  He’s known for putting speakers like Zig Ziglar, Margaret Thatcher, President Ronald Reagan, Dan Kennedy, President Gerald Ford, Benjamin Netanyahu, and others in front of large crowds to fire them up, inspire them, inform them, and train them.  Peter’s latest iteration of these seminars are known as “Get Motivated Seminars.”

Michael Pink, America’s #1 Authority on Principle-Based Selling, lives and works right here in Sarasota.  It seems that Peter Lowe has taken notice of the effectiveness of Michael’s training materials and has been inviting Michael to speak in these seminars.  One such occasion is on July 10th in Tacoma, Washington.

Many local companies have benefited from Michael Pink through his Selling Among Wolves training events, through corporate training, as well as through the audio and video products Michael has produced.  But more than that, many companies the world over have benefited.  It would do us well to take notice of local talent on this scale.

Kudos to Michael… and to Peter Lowe for taking notice!