Angry Birds for Chrome: Christmas Bonus Levels Unlock Codes

Latest Update: Since many of the apps we reference in the updates and content below are starting to remove the codes, you can see the codes are available in the comments below.

2nd Update: The Unlock Code for Bonus Level 2 is divided between 4 apps: Elfster, Earbits, Astrid, and Hipmunk.

Update: Unlock Code for Bonus Level 1 is found in the BBC Good Food App for Chrome (more details below).

After playing the December 25th level of Angry Birds for Chrome (with the sequence of Christmas comics), 3 bonus levels appeared this morning.

Some quick searching online revealed that at least one of the Christmas Bonus Level Unlock Codes for Angry Birds Chrome Edition could be found by installing the Google Books app. After installing the Google Books app (which essentially just opens the Google Books website), there was a banner ad running. The ad said an unlock code could be found by reading at least 5 pages of Birds for Dummies. Purchasing the book was not required: I simply read through several pages of the free preview. Suddenly, the unlock code appeared.

Angry Birds for Chrome Christmas Bonus Levels Unlock Code

I entered it several times into the Angry Birds Chrome app on the screen shown here. While previous “guesses” had resulted in an “Invalid Code” message, this time I didn’t see that message. Unfortunately, however, it didn’t appear as though anything had changed. After re-entering it several times, I finally realized that level 3 of the Christmas Bonus Levels had, in fact, been unlocked! Great!

But now… where do we find those other 2 unlock codes?

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How to Install the Google Books App

  1. From your Google Chrome web browser, visit the Chrome Webstore
  2. Search for the Google Books app or use this link.
  3. Install the App
  4. It should now appear in your normal list of apps when you open a new tab in Google Chrome.

The code contained in the Google Books app is for level 3.

Where to Find the Unlock Code for Level 1

BBC Good Food App: Angry Birds Code Offer

For level 1, you need the BBC Good Food app. Install it the same way you installed the Google Books App (above).

Once you’ve got the app launched, look for an Angry Birds offer in the lower right-hand corner of the main app screen. Once you click it, the Unlock Code for Bonus Level 1 will be revealed.

Where to Find the Unlock Code for Level 2

For Christmas Bonus Level 2, the unlock code is contained in 4 chunks inside each of 4 different apps. Each app has its own trickery for locating the digits contained therein.

First, here are the 4 apps you need:

Hipmunk: Unlock Your Angry Birds Level

I started with Hipmunk. Once you get it installed, you need to login. I chose to use my Google Account (since I’m in Chrome and that’s what I use for Angry Birds login purposes). You’ll see an image of the Hipmunk mascot with a reference to Angry Birds on the home screen.

Clicking that only gets you the following set of instructions:

  1. Click “Start Game!”
  2. Perform a hotel search
  3. Turn on a Heatmap

This seems a little vague and is obviously intended to force you to get to know what the app does a little bit. I ran a search, which was easy enough, but locating how to turn on the heatmap function was a little more ambiguous.

Hipmunk: Where to find the Heatmaps

After playing around with it for a couple of minutes, I finally spotted the heatmaps just above the Google map itself in the upper right-hand corner of the search results screen.

Once you click on one, a massive hover box containing the portion of the code that comes from Hipmunk will be displayed.

Knock on Wood Game: Play Angry Birds for Real!

Each of the other apps has its own methodology. The Hipmunk blog has a post with some additional info. If you get stuck on anything, just post in the comments below.

Angry Birds: Everybody needs a stuffed King Pig with Sounds!
In the meantime, maybe you should pick up an Angry Birds item or two. The “Knock on Wood” Game is a blast… my 6-year-old daughter got it for Christmas. But she doesn’t yet have the stuffed pig!

31 Replies to “Angry Birds for Chrome: Christmas Bonus Levels Unlock Codes”

  1. Barbara says:

    Okay…what about the other chrome app sites? Having trouble with Astrid.

    1. David G. Johnson
      David G. Johnson says:

      Hi Barbara,

      For Astrid, you need to create a task and assign it to someone else (I had to invite someone to use it for this to work). Once you do, the alert bar (near the very top) in Astrid will display this message: “Congratulations! You’ve unlocked part of a code for a hidden level on Angry Birds Seasons.” Click the “See Code” button and it will show you the digits that come from Astrid.


  2. Lyn says:

    hey. Anybody know how to do the elster one? It would be so awesome if you could help me. (:

  3. nieblas says:

    having problems with earbits….

  4. BirdBot says:

    The original banner ad depicts a book with a numeric title, this was Code #1 for me. I didn’t need the Good Food app at all.

    Reading five pages of the Birds for Dummies gave me Code #3.

    Maybe I can Google the other code without having to install 4 apps.

    These companies drive apps down our throats like Adoption is the same thing as Integration in terms of turnaround time.

    Andy says:

    I need help with Elfsters and Astrids…
    Please help me..
    P.S. I might also need help with Earbits too…

  6. pupnewfster
    Richard says:

    I guessed 2 of the digits for the 2nd one

  7. Carl says:

    Not getting the banner ad in the google books app. Read the preview for Birds for Dummies, but didn’t get anything there either. What am I doing wrong?

    1. David G. Johnson
      David G. Johnson says:

      Hi Carl,

      I’ve just tested the Birds for Dummies book myself and it doesn’t seem to be showing the code any longer. I had resigned myself not to disclose the actual unlock codes here, but since that one seems to no longer be available, it seems only fair to do so.

      The Unlock Code for Level 3 is 33321999.


  8. Carl says:

    Thank you, David!! :-))

  9. David G. Johnson
    David G. Johnson says:

    If you’re having trouble with Elfster, you’ll want to launch the app from Chrome, then use the “Make a Wish” function to see the code.

    If you’re having trouble with Astrid, check this comment.

    For Earbits, simply install and launch the app. Can’t miss it!

  10. Carl says:

    Awesome!! Thanks, again!!

  11. Carl says:

    Astrid doesn’t want to play nice. I have created a task, had my brother create an account, assigned it to him, and he completed it. No contrats banner with the codes. I have the other three, just need to get this one, haha!!

  12. unapologeticallyhonest – Wife, mother, student, that order!
    Crystal says:

    i have done the assign task 3 times and i still havent gotten the code…i only need these two digits i have the others

  13. Carl says:

    Same here. Grrr…

  14. unapologeticallyhonest – Wife, mother, student, that order!
    Crystal says:

    nevermind…i used the process of elimination and figured it out on my own…its only 2 numbers so it didnt take long!

  15. SiaKahleah says:

    I just must be dumb because I have done all that is asked. I cannot get the last four digits and I cannot guess them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I cannot get them from Astrid and Earbits. I have tried numerous times.

  16. Lara says:

    The same here: no codes from Astrid and Earbits

    1. David G. Johnson
      David G. Johnson says:

      Hey Everyone… I assure you nobody here is dumb! It looks like these apps are starting to drop the Angry Birds promotions. If you’re missing all or part of the code for level 2 (the one that had to be assembled from 4 apps), here it is: 23334441

  17. Me says:

    Whatta load of yuck. More garbage to install that we don’t need!

  18. Andrew says:

    The code for bonus level 1 from the BBC Good Food app is 1115566. Have fun!

  19. Andrew says:

    Ooops, sorry for the typo above which is one number short. The correct code is 11155666. That extra 6 makes a devil.

  20. aditya says:

    I didn’t have 2 do anthing….all the codes were left for me in previous comments..thnx guys

  21. val says:

    the wild goose chase is fun to a certain extent but i just want to get my angry bird on!!! i’m a mother of 3 so i don’t have a lot of time to chase codes around or money to just by the game out right. so thank you kindly to the folks that posted the codes here. appreciated greatly.

  22. Ninjah says:

    Oh.. Can u not please just give us the codes? I don’t want to download all that .. crap. I think its hack. But i don’t know!!

  23. Donna says:

    thanx for the codes – since I have no room any more stuff on my PC – this is great!!!!

    BIG THANX for telling me the codes!!!! hoo- ah!!!

  24. tanp says:

    comment vous faite pour les trouver par exemple 11155666

  25. guest says:

    thank you all for your codes to angry birds…could’nt have done it without you…im grateful…thanks again..peace,

  26. ravi yadav says:

    thanks you all for your codes

  27. ravi yadav says:

    thanks you all for your codes happy dewali

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